Modern Marine Based Project Management with focus on efficiency and flow of work to ensure successful completion of projects efficiently and in a timely manner

Marine Based Project Management backed by experience and a history of successful implementation of marine operations. We enjoy access to skill and qualifications of a reliable project management team with knowledge and first-hand experience in all aspects of project management from planning to budgeting and implementation. We have access to a network of specialised professionals in engineering, design and drafting. We manage, supervise and oversee the work directly to ensure smooth and effective project implementation.


Marine based projects require specific management skills and practices to ensure smooth implementation on time and budget. Understanding all the factors involved in marine projects gives project managers the ability to coordinate and manage the marine project effectively and to provide technical support and development in quality control and also to supervise the technical aspects, the inspection progress and quality of marine projects. While construction permits, clearances, licences and other construction requirements are crucial, other factors are equally important and may include environmental impact, surveys and access factors.

Ensuring that projects meet pre-planned time and budget targets depends on proper management and coordination. Staging work processes and coordinating work with a collective of engineers, workers and trades contract management team as well as the client’s requirements knowledge and understanding of each process and the ability to identify dependencies of work stages. Southern Divers Marine Project Managers can effectively assess, plan and coordinate projects with special attention to foreseeing potential difficulties and impairments. This allows us to plan and deploy contingency processes avoiding negative impacts on the progress of the project.


Our approach to marine project management focuses on ensuring that all resources are allocated well in advance of the commencement of projects. Our team of project managers will discuss and outline any requirements that may arise during the course of the project implementation and ensure the client is well informed of potential cost factors while the project is being implemented. In a similar fashion, our management project teams will analyse and explore solutions that may reduce time and cost of implementation without compromising the desired quality outcome and final product. The main driving factor to this principal is the ability to access materials, products and trades services that can deliver quality products with pricing flexibility.


Being a Commercial Diving Company means that we have the knowledge and extensive experience in underwater construction, demolition or repair project works. We will, in most cases, deploy our project teams of underwater construction divers to carry out large portions of the works, at the same time, we are able to oversee and manage other specialists and issue management instructions to various contractors to ensure the produced work quality meets the desired standards and time outcomes.

Our knowledge and extensive experience in areas of underwater construction, deep diving, the use of underwater construction equipment and the use of automated remote controlled vehicles (ROV) gives us an upper hand in assessing and identifying work and equipment requirements for the implementation of every stage of the project.


Southern Divers operate an Environmental Consulting Division consisting of a team of qualified and experienced scientists and scientific diving experts. In the world of marine project management, marine and environmental science are key factors to ensuring that the marine project remains in line with legislative requirements and various stages of the project are backed by scientific assessments paving the way for implementation. We employ marine scientists and ecologists that stand ready to analyse data and to provide environmental and scientific solutions to proposed project works so that the project, in its entirety, is completed smoothly and with minimal conflict, if any, between construction and legislative requirements.