Scientific Diving carried out by professional skilled scientist divers supported by a range of advanced equipment producing stereo video imagery, facilitating sediment sampling and other scientific diving tasks.

Our key scientific diving personnel have minimum ADAS Part 2 occupational diving qualifications. We have a broad range of experience conducting scientific dive monitoring programs in Victoria and can implement a range of equipment to compliment these diving activities.


Our company is particularly experienced in the deep diving operation. Our key personnel are considered leading scientific divers within Victoria. Our team includes certified and qualified scientists with a broad range of experience conducting scientific dive monitoring programs in Victoria. All our scientific divers have a minimum ADAS Part 1 certification with our key personnel all having minimum ADAS Level 2 certification. Depending on the projects and risks associated Southern Divers will implement either SCUBA or SSBA equipment for the tasks at hand.

Previous experience from our personnel include key management and survey conducting roles for the Subtidal Reef Monitoring Program (SRMP) for Parks Victoria, Environmental Monitoring for the Victorian Desalinisation Plant and monitoring Deep Reef habitats within Port Phillip Bay for the Port of Melbourne. We provide the following scientific diving programs services:

  • Biodiversity surveys of fish, algae and invertebrate including both quantitative and qualitative surveys.
  • Fisheries stock surveys.
  • Marine protected area monitoring.
  • Seagrass monitoring.
  • Marine pest and biofouling inspections and monitoring.
  • Sediment sampling.
  • Protected species monitoring.
  • Deep reef community inspection and monitoring.

If you’re looking for professionals in research diving, quantitative and qualitative surveys, fisheries stock surveys, marine protected area monitoring, and reef community inspection and monitoring, Southern Divers can deploy and operate a range of equipment to complement these diving activities including professional divers video and still imagery, scientific diver stereo video equipment, core sediment sampling equipment and transects and quadrat based quantitative surveys.