Everything from grey water to sewerage.

Southern Divers own and maintain their own contaminated diving equipment. Southern Divers have contamination procedures in place for these diving in contamindated waters operations to be completed safely.

Our dive team has extensive experience working in contaminated waters including sewers, sewerage ponds and lagoons, waste water, grey water storage, chlorine systems, polluted water and effluent environments.

Southern Divers have all the equipment to complete a range of works in contaminated environments including inspection, non-destructive testing, construction and demolition works. We can complete dredging operations, installation, repairs and replacement of equipment and salvage operations. Our team have a wide range of experience maintaining mixers, aerators, gates and diffusers.


Southern Divers own and maintain a number of vessels and barges that can be utilised on water industry projects. All vessel and barges are in Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) survey and are operated by certified coxswains. These include:


  • ADAMAS (10m aluminium diving vessel).
  • Astasia (6m by 3m crane barge).
  • Southern Diver (6m diving vessel).
  • Southern Diver II (4m powered work punt).
  • Kraken (6m inflatable diving vessel).
  • Series of unpowered punts.