Tank and Reservoir Cleaning, Tank and Reservoir Inspections, Leak Detection and Repairs, ROV Operations, Vessel and Barge Support.

Southern Divers have separate water diving systems for fresh and potable water environments. Southern Divers have their own wash down procedures for ensuring there is no contamination within potable water diving operations.


Southern Divers own and maintain a range of pumps, vacuum heads and systems to hook into scour valves for adapting to a range of tanks, with enough hose to run into required locations to dispose of the sediment/water in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner. We are able to coordinate disposal of material offsite in vacuum trucks and have worked with a range of pipeline systems. Our potable water equipment is dedicated to drinking water supplies only.


Southern Divers places focus on ensuring works are completed with minimal disturbance to sediment maintaining water clarity within the Clear Water Storages. Utilising experienced personnel for all works also ensures we minimise the water wastage during cleaning operations.


Given Southern Divers extensive experience completing tank and reservoir cleaning we are well positioned to provide feedback to cleaning required and estimates of time. Southern Divers are able to conduct cleaning, maintenance and repairs to water storage facilities Australia-wide.


Southern Divers are currently in the process of procuring remote robotic vacuum systems for cleaning work. We are hoping these will be online and operational in 2021.


Southern Divers have specific inspection proformas for both cleaning and inspection work to capture internal and external components of CHW’s assets. These proformas capture all key information outlined in CHW Tender Documentation including:


The external inspection shall provide a global, visual survey of all exterior surfaces and include a condition assessment of, but not limited to, the following items:


  • Fencing and gates
  • Walls
  • Ladders and handrails
  • Roof platform
  • Roof (including roof sheeting and guttering)
  • Roof hatches
  • Ventilation
  • Bird proofing
  • External level indicators
  • Support structure (above ground tanks) including bolts, braces, welds etc
  • Foundations – concrete or other
  • Inspection of welds for corrosion and general deterioration

The internal inspection shall include an assessment of, but not limited to, the following components:


  • Walls (including liners and / or coatings)
  • Floor (including liners and / or coatings)
  • Roof (including rafters, purlins, beams and roof sheeting)
  • Roof hatch bucket test (test around hatches for infiltration)
  • Internal ladders
  • Internal support columns
  • Inlet, outlet, overflow and scour pipework
  • Cathodic protection equipment for steel tanks
  • Visual inspection of cathodic protection hardware (anodes, fixing points etc)
  • Level of silt within the tank of basin
  • For steel tanks inspect welds for corrosion and general deterioration

With experienced personnel completing the works we can ensure the information captured will encompass the requirements for your asset condition assessment; and our reporting systems allow comparisons of data throughout time.




Southern Divers has completed a wide range of steel structure inspections. Southern Divers own an underwater ultrasonic thickness testing unit – a Cygnus Underwater Ultrasonic Thickness Tester. The unit is calibrated prior to each dive and thicknesses are monitored throughout the dive in case recalibration is required.


Southern Divers have extensive experience completing leak detection within a range of assets. This can be completed from divers or with ROVs. Following detection of leaks Southern Divers have experience repairing these assets including:

  • Cracking injection to concrete assets including within potable water environments
  • Patch repairs to liners
  • Sealing of leaks

Figure. Showing Southern Diver completing leak detection within a Potable Water storage tank.