Water quality monitoring and sediment sampling and analysis completed by specialised and qualified staff utilising advanced monitoring and sample collection instruments

Southern Divers have extensive experience deploying, retrieving, servicing and maintaining a wide range of water quality instruments, buoys and loggers. We have a wide range of equipment for taking sediment cores and samples for analysis.


Our key personnel have extensive experience working with water quality, current and sediment survey and analysis requirements. Our team have recent experience servicing, maintaining, deploying and retrieving various water samples quality logging instruments and sampling units. Our scientific team can provide a range of water quality, logging and sediment sampling services including applications such as:

  • Water Quality Seabed Loggers.
    For ongoing measurements of salinity, temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, turbidity etc. Southern Divers have a range of frames and mountings that can be used to secure instruments prior to installation. If we do not have a frame or mounting to suit we can design and fabricate something to suit your needs.
  • Water Quality and Phytoplankton Sampling.
  • Contaminant Sampling.
    Southern Divers can take sediment samples and determine the appropriate laboratory analysis to check sediment characteristics or presence of contaminants.
  • Tidal Gauges.
  • Wave Buoys.
    Southern Divers key personnel have extensive experience servicing and maintaining live feed wave buoys for provision of real-time wave height, tide and current data collected. Southern Divers can fabricate and deploy moorings and buoys systems to suit all needs. With a range of vessels we can assist you with a solution to your needs.
  • Sediment Coring and Geophysical Surveys.
    Sampling applications include sediment coring and sediment grabs. This can be used for the purpose of dredge spoil sediment analysis.

We monitor water quality in rivers, water resources, water supply, water body (bodies) and the delivery network. We use advanced modern instruments can be installed by divers or used remotely. Divers can install these instruments by a series of means including mounting to piles or underwater structures, or securing to frames that are drilled into reef substrata or embedded and weighted into sand. Southern Divers also have a range of vessels that are able to complete water quality monitoring programs or assist you with a solution for running your equipment. For further information about this monitoring program you may contact us.