Underwater Welding carried out by skilled and experienced wet welders supported by advanced and sophisticated systems and technologies.

Southern Divers provide with wet welding solutions both above and below water with the support of state-of-art systems and equipment designed to assist in completing welding tasks safely and effectively. We employ a team of licensed and qualified underwater welders with proven experience and tested results.


Southern Divers deep sea underwater welders are professional experienced wet welders able to complete underwater welding tasks effectively. Our welding divers are backed by the most advanced systems and equipment to providing support and safety welding works in and around water. We carry out wet welding on new structures as well as repairs on existing structures in and above water. Our experienced underwater welders and the specialised equipment we use provide us with the ability to complete welding works above and below the water and welding in varying depth environments.


Our underwater welders hold the appropriate qualifications and certifications to carry out underwater welding. Our key welding personnel have had their welds tested for previous works. The equipment we use are the most advanced in the industry and are regularly serviced in line with our asset management system. Our equipment are checked for safety and function frequently and prior to being used on projects. This produces quality work and a smooth t3 steroid repair process with minimal down-time.


Our wet welding staff are trained to follow a series of welding procedures carefully prepared and put in place to ensure maximum quality and safety in underwater welding works. Our team of experts have the ability to tailor and implement welding procedures the comply with the highest welding standards whenever required.


Our key welding experience includes:


  • Underwater welding of sacrificial anodes to steel piles, steel sheet pile, pumps and vessels.
  • Underwater welding of CP bars to steel piles and steel sheet pile.
  • Underwater welding of steel collars.
  • Underwater welding of plates to piles, sheet pile and ships.
  • Underwater welding of brackets.
  • Underwater welding course Australia.
  • Underwater welding training.

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