Advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology with high resolution imaging and video capabilities designed to operate in restricted environments and reduce costs and risk to divers.

Southern Divers have experience working with asset managers and engineers to develop and review rehabilitation designs. We work closely with corrosion experts to test and develop repair systems.


Southern Divers own and operate a commercial mini class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that has many advantages for survey and inspection work where diver use is not applicable or restricted by access limitations, contamination, dangerous conditions, depth pressure or cost.

The ROV is a versatile underwater vehicle that is highly manoeuvrable. It can be mobilised rapidly and has the advantage of access to restricted or confined structures and spaces.


The Southern Divers ROV has proven useful for a variety of underwater projects including:

Southern Divers ROV captures High Definition Video with a forward facing full range tilt camera. The 6 Thrusters (2 vertical, 4 vectored) configured ROV is highly versatile and has automated stability sensors that ensure recorded video enhances survey quality. With a depth rating up to 100 m this ROV is suitable for a range of marine and freshwater applications.


The standard ROV Southern Divers owns and operates for survey includes the following specifications:


  • High Definition 1080p Camera with a total tilt range of 180 degrees.
  • 4 x 1500 lumen LED Lights (with dimming control).
  • Standard Tether/Cable is 150m.
  • 6 Thruster ROV configuration with a forward speed of 2 knots.
  • ROV Size: Length 460 mm x Width 340 mm x Height 260 mm.

Other ROV survey options or components that Southern Divers are conducting R & D on or have used in the past include ROV leak testing observations, underwater measurements, ROV grab sampling, forward scanning sonar and underwater GPS.