A team of professional divers with recognised certifications for deep diving and complex remote operations

We employ a team of Commercial Divers specialised in Deep Ocean Diving with a high degree of skill and long experience diving in difficult conditions. All of our divers hold the appropriate certification and qualifications to reach and work in greater depths. We employ diving experts with special accreditations enabling them to compose air and oxygen mixes to allow for deep diving and maximise diving time. Deep Sea Divers can dive and operate further than 30 metres and up to 50 metres. In circumstances where the work cannot be conducted by a diver due to depth, we deploy advanced ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles) equipped with special equipment to provide video and survey photographic footage in real time and perform underwater tasks.


Southern Divers specialised team members are trained ROV Operators with experience in manipulating ROV diving and operations even in the most difficult conditions and locations. The diving equipment used by Southern Divers are the latest in underwater remote operations technology equipped with and imaging technology aimed at achieving required work. The use of this advanced equipment means that remote operations can be completed safely in a shorter time, thus, reducing the overall cost of the underwater operation. The equipment is regularly tested and maintained and we have several members of our diving team dedicated to ensuring that all of our equipment are of excellent condition at all times.


In certain circumstances, such depths and conditions of the target dive area, i.e., construction or asset depth location, makes it difficult for a human to conduct the dive. The use of ROV’s is the most reliable solution as they are designed to reach extreme maximum depth and are compact and highly manoeuvrable. These ‘underwater robotic machines’ carry different types of sensors, imaging and lighting equipment which enable them to produce accurate and detailed images and recordings for analysis. In addition, some ROV’s are equipped with tools that can gather samples or perform certain repair tasks. Using ROV’s means minimal risks to a human diver with the added bonus of gathering accurate data and images.


One of the attractive benefits of ROV’s in Remote Operations is the direct connectivity to the diving vessel or control location where images and video footage are transmitted in real-time. This is particularly important for clients who prefer to see the live recording of the ROV Operation on a screen while the operation is being conducted. Divers have to get new certifications for different depths and environments such as caves, wrecks, night-time, etc.


Southern Divers have dedicated team members assigned to remote operation and ROV Control. These professionals are trained in operating various types and models of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles with a great degree of knowledge in diving as well as the multitude of conditions under which ROV’s should, or should not, operate. Our ROV control specialists are also specialised deep ocean divers, therefore, they are able to understand the diving task requirement and translate those requirements to the ROV’s control mechanism so that the objectives of the operation are achieved as intended. Additionally, ROV specialists have a deep knowledge and understanding of the software which drives the equipment. They are always mindful of, not only the ROV function, but ensuring that the operation is conducted in the best way suited to the conditions and that the data is being gathered, captured, stored and projected without loss of quality.


Some underwater survey and construction tasks require diving to extreme depths. While many construction ocean divers are restricted to certain depth limits, others hold certifications and have completed training that enables them to conduct deep diving operations. This requires a higher degree of skill, but also requires the use of specially mixed air suited for deeper diving conditions. Southern Divers, operates to the highest Australian safety standards (AS/NZS 2299.1:2015) in all our diving operations. Therefore in deep diving or remote locations we can employ onsite decompression chamber support and the qualified personnel required to oversee operations. Southern Divers own and maintain their own compression chamber to assist with projects. We have a qualified team of divers able to perform deep diving and carry out underwater survey and construction work. Some deep diving operations also require the use of complex construction and repair tools (e.g. underwater welding, hydraulic tools, thermic cutting). Carrying out these tasks in higher depths carries with it the demand for a special set of skills and fitness.


We are frequently commissioned by clients from various sectors to perform deep diving tasks. Where it is surveys for construction purposes or environmental assessments, we are able to deliver the required work professionally and efficiently. Our clients include:

  • Government Departments and Agencies.
  • Water Industry Operators.
  • Ship Mooring Operators and Ship Builders.
  • Large Dams Operators and Authorities.
  • Marine Based Construction and Development Companies.