Certified integrated management systems covering safety, quality and environmental


Southern Divers operate to the highest standard ensuring experienced personnel are involved in all stages of projects from planning and set up through to the onsite management of works. It is essential we have key personnel involved in works that understand the assets and have previous experience completing works of that nature. Southern Divers have a diverse range of key personnel each with a focus of different work sectors.


Southern Divers have a certified Integrated Management System that includes safety, quality and environment. All works are completed in accordance with Southern Divers Operations Manual written in accordance with AS/NZS 2299.1 (2015) as a minimum.


We aim to deliver professional, quality and efficient services. Our staff hold all relevant qualifications; have detailed knowledge of industry standards; and undertake ongoing training. Safety is our utmost priority. Southern Divers aims to reduce risk by utilising state of the art equipment that is serviced in accordance with manufacturers recommendations by our qualified technician.


Southern Divers is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and understand the importance of effective planning and communication. Southern Divers pride ourselves on the prompt delivery of data, reporting and other deliverables. Our systems ensure a rigorous review and quality controls throughout all works to ensure all checks and controls are in place throughout the operation.


We complete safety drills onsite at regular intervals, and depending on the category of work we will complete drills prior to commencement of diving on some sites.


Southern Divers are the leading Commercial Diving Company in Melbourne with an impressive record of achievements and accomplishments. Our Underwater Construction Division is overseen and operated by a team of construction divers with extensive experience in the commercial diving industry. In addition, Southern Divers provide a range of Underwater and Diving Services for Environmental Applications. We employ a team of qualified scientific divers with experience in Environmental Solutions. We provide Underwater Environmental Solutions to varying clients requiring environmental surveys, project management, habitat mapping and a range of other services.
You can explore the range of Commercial Diving Services provided by Southern Divers by request a complete Capabilities Statement via our website. Clients are encouraged to complete the 'Request Form' on this and we will forward required information by email within one business day.


    We deliver professional, quality and efficient services performed by qualified diving professionals who have detailed knowledge of industry standards and undertake ongoing practical training. Our underwater survey, construction and environmental specialists hold the highest level of qualifications required to perform the diving work they do.


    Safety is our utmost priority, we strive for ‘zero loss time’ incidents to get all personnel home safely. Southern Divers aims to reduce risk by utilising new state of the art equipment that is serviced and maintained by our qualified technicians in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Our divers are trained to safely use equipment.


    Southern Diving is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and understands the importance of effective planning and communication. Therefore, we work with our clients throughout the entire project and ensure that our they are informed of the planning, progress and completion of work with constant communication.