Underwater Construction, Demolition and Repairs carried out by qualified construction divers with extensive underwater construction experience and advanced construction tools and equipment

Southern Divers personnel are skilled Construction Divers with recognised certification and extensive experience in underwater construction works. We carry out underwater construction, demolition and repair work on underwater structures of varying sizes, locations and conditions. Our divers are equipped with the latest construction tools, underwater suites, and technology and backed by knowledge and ongoing training. We have an impressive track record in timber, concrete and steel construction and assembly as well as demolition and repairs. We employ a team of specialised underwater wet welding professionals with focus on standard compliance and occupational safety.


Underwater buildings and structures can be affected by defects, malfunction or damage due to a number of reasons. Understanding the reasons behind the defects can help, not only in repairing the defects, but also implementing repair methods and materials that will essentially reduce the potential of defects recurring. Our construction divers are trained and equipped to investigate the cause of damages, plan the most appropriate remedy solution and carry out the complex construction or repair in a skilled construction techniques and effective manner.

Timber, underwater concreting and steel structures often represent weight bearing infrastructure and must be surveyed and inspected regularly. If defects are detected, repairs can be carried out underwater or replacement structures can be fabricated on land and then delivered and installed at the target location. Our staff are trained in all processes involving underwater construction.


We plan all construction work thoroughly prior to the commencement of work. We ensure that the affected area is prepared and is a safe environment for construction divers. In addition, we identify and have all tools and equipment required for the installation tested and ready for use. Our divers follow a work plan and carry out construction of timber, concrete or steel structures based on prepared plans and drawings designed to achieve the highest levels of work quality and time efficiency. Being able to access any type of vessel or construction barge allows us to coordinate and transport equipment and materials in a safe and reliable manner. Our divers are able to implement and/or oversee the construction with direct visual contact and on-site commercial diving or by using advanced construction and survey robotic ROV’s.


In some cases, the construction process starts with demolishing other existing structures. This involves the use of specialised underwater tools and equipment and implementing containment plans to preserve the surrounding areas and structures.

Underwater demolition work requires attention to the following:

  • Project Planning.
  • Area planning and preparation.
  • Use of safe and effective equipment.
  • Use of appropriate vessel or construction barge with proper equipment.
  • Disposal of demolished materials in line with the relevant regulations (Environment and Safety).
  • Final inspections.

The use of specialised underwater demolishing equipment and skilled construction divers is key to safely and efficiently remove submerged structures and defective assets.


Our Commercial Divers and commercial diving services have carried out numerous underwater construction repairs on varying structures. Often, the repairs are carried out on timber, concrete or steel structures with specific areas of expertise and equipment. Underwater welding is commonly applied in repairing steel structures. We employ specialised experienced underwater welders able to implement repairs in a safe and effective manner. We also specialise in using thermal cutting, hydraulic chainsaws and other tools, demolition saws and rigging and lifting. While we have the required expertise to deal with varying structures and conditions, we have also established strong relationships with other contractors to assist in dealing with specific underwater repair requirements.

Underwater asset repairs may involve inspecting and repairing functional structures and equipment. We work with specialised engineers and the client to bring about the most effective repair methods to their equipment and underwater machinery. Some of the underwater structures we deal with contain mechanical or hydraulic parts and components and we liaise with specialised technicians and engineers to conduct repairs of such assets in line with desired function plans and standards.


Whether it is a new structure or repair work, our specialised construction underwater welders are fully qualified to apply welding in varying depth environments. All of our welders hold the appropriate qualifications and certifications to carry out underwater welding. The equipment we use are the most advanced in the industry and are regularly checked for safety and function. This produces quality work and a smooth repair process with minimal down-time.


Our clients represent a wide sector in the business, private and government sector and include:

  • Water Industry Operators.
  • Government Agencies and Department.
  • Underwater Building and Construction Companies.
  • Body Corporate, Strata Managers and Property Managers.
  • Wharves, Weirs, Jetty and Mooring Owners.
  • Water Storage, Damn and Reservoir Owners and Operators.
  • Ship and Vessel Owners and Operators.

The underwater work frequently assigned to us include pile structure inspection and repair, concrete repairs as well as steel structure repair and applying reinforcing methods.