Construction Surveys and Asset Inspection of timber, concrete and steel structures with detailed reports containing videos and images.

Underwater Surveys carried out by qualified and skilled Commercial Divers with extensive experience in underwater asset inspection. We conduct diving surveys on timber, concrete and steel structures using varying diving methods and advanced ROV Technology. Our reports are detailed and contain live diver video and photo images of the surveyed assets. We explain our report contents to the client thoroughly so that they have a full understanding of the data outputs.


Southern Divers provide a range of underwater specialised Commercial Diving Services, including but not limited to inspection of timber, concrete and steel structure assets. Our professional diver has extensive experience in underwater survey operations and has the knowledge and technical expertise to perform thorough checks and inspections on all types of underwater assets. This knowledge and skill is the result of having worked in the field for many years as well as undergoing continuous training.


The major goal of asset surveys is to ensure that underwater structures are fit for use. Survey methods used require non-destructive testing that are repeatable so we can inform current status of asset condition and expected lifetime of components. This process of inspecting submerged assets for condition is the primary focus of underwater surveys carried out by commercial divers. There are several types of sub-surface asset structures. We are proficient in asset surveys in saltwater, freshwater and contaminated liquids.

Varying conditions can have different effects on the underwater assets depending on the asset material. Some survey conditions Southern Divers personnel are highly experienced in evaluating include, galvanic corrosion, Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC), timber borers, timber bacterial depletion, concrete in-service defects (e.g. spalling, rebar corrosion, cracking).

Our company focuses on accurate reporting that provides survey data that can directly inform asset management systems currently in place. This baseline information is essential to monitor infrastructure integrity, defects and deterioration over time.


Our team of skilled commercial divers employ several methods of carrying out underwater asset surveys. While we use hands-on direct visual inspections, we utilise state of the art tools and equipment that increase survey efficiency and reduce down time and costs. For example we conduct, Ultra Sonic Thickness Test (UTT), magnetic particle inspection, cathodic potential measurement (CP meter) in addition to live diver narrated video inspections.

The technology we use is designed to examine the integrity of timber, concrete and steel structures and point out any suspected defects or malfunction within the examined area. This is enforced by the diver’s visual and direct contact inspection which ultimately provides us with accurate and substantiated data outputs, ie, inspection results. In all circumstances, the survey process is mindful of the importance of preserving the existing structures. Therefore, we employ Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) professionals who carry out testing and planning to oversee testing methods that will have zero negative impact on the integrity or function of the surveyed assets.

Southern Divers also have a range of destructive testing equipment including hydraulics to enabling us to take core and drill samples as required.


There are cases where the submerged structures are located within depths too great for efficient diver survey. Depending on the location and depth of the structure, our divers will use varying diving methods to reach the targeted area in a safe and effective manner. It is important to note that deeper diving requires specialised training and certification as it may involve using varying gas and oxygen mixes to assist in reaching the desired depth and maximise the dive time to complete jobs safely.

In deep or constrained diving situations, we may use or even completely rely on ROVs (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles) to conduct the surveying process. These vehicles are fully equipped with testing and visual inspection mechanisms and are operated by specialised staff. ROVs provide an accurately positioned video and capture photo images of the inspection where the footage is analysed in real-time and saved to be included in the Survey Reports.


Southern Divers is regularly contracted by various organisations to undertake underwater surveys of asset constructions. Our clients include:

  • Building and Construction Companies.
  • Government Organisations and Authorities.
  • Water Industry Operators.
  • Property Managers and Body Corporations.
  • Wharves, Docks, Mooring and Vessel Storage Operators.

We liaise with the client throughout the process to ensure that the work is planned ahead and minimise down-time (if any). We keep the client informed of the process and updated with progress and outcomes. On producing our survey reports, we explain reported data thoroughly so that the client is equipped with all information required to make an informed decisions.