Commercial Diving, Underwater Surveys, Construction & Environmental Services

We are a Construction, Industrial and Environmental Diving company based in Melbourne providing underwater survey, construction and environmental solutions with over 60 years of combined underwater work and diving experience.

Featured Services

Our Construction and Environmental Services Divers and other staff hold recognised qualifications in a range of underwater surveying, construction and environmental work including..

Survey & Asset Inspection

Commercial Diving
Professional underwater surveys and asset inspection carried out by specialised professionals supported by state-of-the-art non-destructive testing, surveying and imaging equipment..

Construction & Demolition

Construction and Demolition Divers
We offer a range of underwater construction and demolition services including thermal lance cutting, underwater wet welding and dredging. We undertake new constructions as well as existing asset repairs..

Ship Survey & Repairs

Advanced imaging equipment, live video systems and wired communication systems during survey, clearance and repair work allowing clients, surveyors and divers to communicate effectively in real time..

Water Industry Projects

Water Industry Projects
Separate diving systems for both potable water through to contaminated water environments. We specialise in diving operations throughout the water industry at varying locations, sites and environments..

Construction Services

Underwater Surveys, Construction, Demolition, Underwater Repairs, Vessel and Barge Hire, Ship Survey & Repairs, Water Industry Projects, Pile & Asset Rehabilitation.. and more..

Environmental Services

Scientific Diving, Ecological Monitoring Programs, Underwater Video Surveys, Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment, Habitat Mapping, Project Management.. and more..


Southern Divers are equipped for emergency and call out work. We have the equipment and personnel ready to mobilise as required for all works from fresh and potable water, marine works and contaminated diving operations. We have the systems in place and personnel allowing us to prepare safety documentation and safe work methods statements in parallel to dive crews being mobilised for emergency and call out works.

Why Southern Divers..


We deliver professional, quality and efficient services performed by qualified diving professionals who have detailed knowledge of industry standards and undertake ongoing practical training. Our underwater survey, construction and environmental specialists hold the highest level of qualifications required to perform the diving work they do.


Safety is our utmost priority, we strive for ‘zero loss time’ incidents to get all personnel home safely. Southern Divers aims to reduce risk by utilising new state of the art equipment that is serviced and maintained by our qualified technicians in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Our divers are trained to safely use equipment.


Southern Diving is committed to meeting the needs of our clients and understands the importance of effective planning and communication. Therefore, we work with our clients throughout the entire project and ensure that our they are informed of the planning, progress and completion of work with constant communication.

Our Team


Managing Director


Kate has over 9 years of industry experience serving as a Marine Ecologist at a large Environmental Consultancy firm for over 5 years..


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Director/Operations Manager


Jamie comes from a Technology Engineering background and has over 15 years commercial diving industry experience..


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Project Manager


Bob holds a Degree in Biotechnology and has over 40 years in the Commercial Diving & Underwater Construction Industry..


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“Over 60 years of combined experience of Underwater Construction and Environmental Services accumulated by our dedicated team of divers, scientists and technicians means that your project is in the safe hands of reliable professionals”