Advanced modern Underwater Environmental Video Survey equipment developed for a wide range of applications operated by qualified trained and experienced personnel

Southern Divers have a wide range of underwater video equipment to cater for any application including scientific diver video and photography, remotely operated vehicle (ROV), towed video systems and baited underwater video systems for the purpose of quantitative biological surveys and qualitative inspection.


Our company specialise in underwater video surveys for the purposes of quantitative biological surveys and qualitative inspection. We have a range of specialist video and underwater photography equipment that are useful for a variety of applications. Our scientific trained and qualified personnel specialise in underwater surveys for the following applications:

  • Biodiversity surveys (fish, marine algae and invertebrates).
  • Habitat mapping coverage ground truthing.
  • Invasive pest inspections.
  • Infrastructure inspections.
  • Seafloor geophysical visual surveys.

To provide these services we utilise the following video equipment for efficient and effective results within environments ranging from offshore marine systems to confined space infrastructure applications.

  • Underwater scientific diver video and photography.
    Including either quantitative photo quadrat or video surveys and live feed audio and visual with scientific divers.
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).
    Useful for confined, contaminated or dangerous to access locations beyond diving capabilities.
  • Tow Video System.
    Tow video applications are useful for large area coverage and providing spatially positioned video data.
  • Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems.
    Useful for non-extractive survey and measurement of fish in marine and coastal environments.

With experience designing and building video systems appropriate for a range of underwater survey requirements, we can provide video survey systems specifically suited to your monitoring needs.

Southern Divers have a range of processing software that provides accurate scientific methods for quantifying coverage of sessile biota, abundance and size measurements of fish species. In addition video survey methods and processing software can be used for accurate assessments of infrastructure that include, underwater measurements, identification of defect indicators (leaks, corrosion etc.) and water quality. Closely related to our company wide protocols implemented with our Integrated Management System (IMS), Southern Divers provides accurate long-term archiving and backup of survey video data collected. This enables future change detection and better information on baseline conditions of the survey tasks undertaken.