A large range of safe operational vessels, barges and unpowered punts for diving operations with appropriate authorities registration

Southern Diver offer a wide range of vessels and barges for hire. Our vessels are all configured to provide support to diving operations. We can provide vessels and barges of all sizes from large construction barges and platform to unpowered punts. The range of vessels we can provide for hire means that your vessel is fit for the purpose. All vessels and barges undergo regular safety and functionality inspections and are all registered with the relevant transport authorities.


Our vessel and barge hire services are primarily focused on providing Diving as well as Construction support. The vessels we offer vary in sizes and fitness depending on the application they are used for. The majority of our vessels have the capability to transport diving crews to site locations. This means that the vessels are configured to carry diving equipment including gas and oxygen bottles and canisters. In addition, clients enjoy the flexibility to carry non-destructive or dangerous equipment and materials they may require to complete their work while using the vessel.

We are also able to provide barges and platforms in a range of sizes. Fat top barges are used primarily for transporting goods, chattel and equipment. Most of our barge hire clients come from the construction sector and often hire crane barges Australia that are capable of carrying heavy equipment and/or equipped with machinery such as cranes or jacks.

The types of vessels available for hire at Southern Divers include:

  • 6 to 16 meter Vessels.
  • Rigid Hull Inflatable.
  • Punts.
  • Barges.


All of our vessels are tested and maintained regularly to ensure that they are of excellent condition and functionality. In the unlikely event that a vessel experiences malfunction, we will be able to coordinate a replacement solution with the client very quickly. We are mindful of the importance of completing work with minimal disruptions. All of our vessels are properly insured and are certified as Sea Worthy. Fully registered with the Victorian Transport Authority, these vessels offer the client the best on water transport solution and peace of mind. It should, of course, be mentioned that any additional costs of insurance or other cover are declared to the client in advance and incorporated into the final hire costs. Additionally, all vessel operations are conducted by commercially certified personnel.


Our vessels and barges vary in size and shape, therefore, transporting these vessels depends on the location at which they are required. While most of our vessels are collected and transported on water, there may be circumstances where other transport arrangements need to be made. Most of our vessels can be transported on road, however, if over-size transporting of larger vessels is required, we are able to arrange and ensure safe delivery of the vessel to the client’s desired location.


Southern Divers offer very competitive vessel and barge hire prices. Clients seeking to hire a vessels are encouraged to inquire with Southern Divers Management. Please note that the price may be determined on the vessel or barge type, required equipment and applications, transport, the time of hire and the duration for which the vessel will be used. In all circumstances, we endeavour to offer the best hire prices.